Available Puppies

We currently have mini/medium mountaindoodle puppies available!

If you are interested in one of our current puppies or interested in being added to our waiting list for future puppies please contact us by sending us an email. 

Our priority is that all of our puppies go to loving, responsible and approved homes. We strive to ensure that the best match is made for both you and the puppy which is primarily based on temperament and size. If you have a specific color, sex and size you are looking for, we recommend you contact us a few months in advance so we can help guide you toward the correct puppy. 

Our goldendoodles typically come in  the colors cream, gold, apricot or gold/apricot with white markings. Our bernedoodles come in tri colored, sable tri, party tri, phantom, gold and white and a few other varieties of color. Our mountaindoodles come in all of the above color possibilities. 


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