Welcome to Mystical Rose Mountaindoodles!

We raise beautiful Golden-Mountaindoodles and Bernedoodles! We focus on healthy, well-tempered dogs that are ideal for companion/family pets or as potential therapy dogs! 


We work with Bantry Bay Bernedoodles in order to provide wonderful, home raised doodles! 

Here at Mystical Rose Mountaindoodles we have a combined experience of 40 years of breeding.  Both bernedoodles and goldendoodles are wonderful dogs that have loving, intelligent and hardworking dispositions. The goldendoodles are the classic doodle that we started with and made us fall in love with doodles! Bernedoodles were first appealing due to their wonderful reputation and beautiful coat colors. After having our first litter of bernedoodle puppies, we fell in love with the breed and have never looked back!

Goldendoodles are wonderful family pets that come in a limited color range. The bernedoodles come in a much broader color range which is great for those looking for color! Both the goldendoodles and the bernedoodles carry certain temperament traits that we thought would compliment eachother beautifully. Goldendoodles are friendly and outgoing and are very emotionally sensitive to their owners. Bernedoodles are affectionate and hardworking and tend to bond more closely to their immediate family.  This can sometimes result in a dog who is more quiet around new people. The bernedoodles are also known for the "berner lean" which is when they lean their body against their owners when they sense you are upset. This is great for comforting their owners. We love both the goldendoodle's friendly and outgoing temperament and the loving and affectionate temperament of the bernedoodle along with their beautiful, colorful coats!

Because each breed has qualities that we love, we decided to try and combining them and got a litter of our first Mountaindoodle puppies! These puppies carried the wonderful temperament traits from both the goldendoodles and the bernedoodles along with the beautiful colors found in both breeds! We love mountaindoodles and mainly focus on raising them. We do sometimes have Goldendoodle or bernedoodle puppies but we mainly focus on the wonderful combination of the two, the mountaindoodle!


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